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Cafe 1001, off Brick Lane, Shoreditch
London UK

Thu 30/Oct/08


There was a documentary film crew at Cafe 1001 when I arrived at the meetup. They were there to produce a 3 minute segment on VJing in London for a television show. They asked if they could interview me. I’m much more comfortable behind a camera than in front of one, but gave it a go.

The editing process might have lost a little in the translation – I’m seen saying “I’ve just started”, though I started in 2006, and I think I was talking about just starting performing in London. You can see the result below.

I had a better-than-expected play out on the triple-head setup; I heard some interested comments somewhere in my vicinity and had some nice feedback from people who had been watching.

Thanks to Dr.Mo for organising the meetup, Nebulus and SilentEclipse for the projectors, DeepVisual and whoever else supplied equipment.

There was a significant power outage in East London that night that extended to quite near Cafe 1001, so thanks also to good fortune. I had a great time, much better than I imagine I’d have had at home in the dark!

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