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Ever since joining the VJlondon gatherings in London I’ve wanted to have a similar thing happening in my home town, Sydney.

Plug’n'Play Sydney (which I’d been to before going to London) is/was similar, but the last Plug’n'Play “VJ Cafe” was just over a year ago now.

Just recently I discovered another group in Sydney called Immersants on, run by DJ sqgl, who has also founded Share Sydney.

Sydney branch of which provides support & infrastructure for new media communities worldwide. A place to experiment.

I went to meet them at an event called Thing In The Park (Facebook, Meetup), held under the light rail arches in the park down by the water in Glebe, and again at a Multimedia Jam (Facebook, Meetup, Ning) held at the Red Rattler Theatre in Marrickville.

sqgl is apparently going to be heading overseas soon, with perhaps one more multimedia jam type event before he goes, but since there is at least this small kernel of something going on, I see it as the time to try to build on it.

Getting venues can be a major problem; on that front, I have a friend who works at a venue in Surry Hills who is interested in starting up an open screens type thing – a place for visualists to get together to jam / practice / teach / learn /share (details as yet only so far as a phone conversation) to encourage a presently barely-existent art form in Sydney.

The number of people that I know in Sydney who are into visuals / VJing /etc is quite small, so I’m doing a call out here to see who else is around. Perhaps there are other networks to join with.

People / identities in Sydney

Sydney Networks / Groups

Speaking to sqgl, he is open to morphing (sorry Grant!) the Share Sydney group into another name/group, such as Plug’n'Play Sydney; the idea isn’t to take over or take away from any existing group(s), but to seek them out and collaborate.

Please give a shoutout here and/or drop me an email to get in contact. Links to other groups in/around Sydney are most welcomed.


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  1. Awesome– Barely existent? try Brisbane/ Gold coast.. I’m probably moving to sydney soon just get in the grit of it.. Seeya soon!