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Ken Cloud

Ken started his musical adventure in Canberra, promoting, DJing, establishing “contacts” with the larger cities, he co-promoted successful club nights Raw & Smile, and set up record shop ‘UMM’ and also did parties featuring Prodigy, Derrick Carter and Mark Farina.

Ken moved to Sydney in 1995, and within a year was the main buyer for Reachin Records, this put him in the middle of the Sydney ‘scene’. He set about establishing himself as one of the class A DJ’s in Sydney and played all the big parties of the time: Sabotage, Love, Vertigo, Big Day Out, Tweekin’, Cream… and supported about a million internationals.

This all lead to more DJ’ing interstate, and he also moved onto the role of manager at Reachin. He held residences at club Tweekin’, which won the ‘Aussie Club of the Year’, he accepted the award at the inaugural DMA’s on behalf of the club.

Ken’s first mix cd was DJ Excursions with Simon Caldwell, DJ excursions was critically acclaimed across Australia and was one of the first tech house CD’s in Australia before the media labeled it ‘tech house‘.

He was voted ‘most popular Aussie DJ’ by his peers in a music industry poll in Juice magazine, and came 5th overall behind Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Basement Jaxx & Fatboy Slim.

Ken started doing promotions with Simon Caldwell and Zootie, first starting ‘Phony‘ (deep techno & house), which featured Luke Slater, Ian Pooley and so on. Moved onto the ‘Deep End‘, which became the most popular place to hear ‘real’ deep house music, more of an industry night, the long weekend parties are now part of Sydney folklore, they were the first parties to play the minimal house sound that is now so popular.

In the late 90′s, Ken held residencies at Chinese Laundry and Tweekin’, probably Sydney’s two most credible clubs of the time.

He started producing with flatmate, Brett Mitchell (ex Boxcar & Thunk main man), as ‘Dillon St Rangers‘ and had his first vinyl 12″ released: the ‘Black & Fuzzy EP‘ on Thunk Records, distributed exclusively by Intergroove in the UK.

He went onto promote Mad Racket parties which have now been running for 7 years and are considered the premier underground house music party in Sydney. Over the years they’ve featured, Herbert, Tom Middleton, Steve Bug, Chris Duckenfield, Metro Area, Jamie Lidell, Martini Bros and many more. Mad Racket parties are a literal oasis in a Sydney scene overly dominated by more commercial styles of house music.

Ken has toured New Zealand twice, the Czech Republic (where he played a ’3′ cities party representing Sydney in the Sydney, San Fran & London party) and has also played in the UK at Chris Duckenfield’s night in Sheffield’s Scuba.

Over the last several years with the birth of his daughter, Ken has chosen to concentrate on two main elements to his career:

  • Mad Racket and DJ’ing at more select parties.
  • His production career with new studio partner Pocket.

The producers have already won the Dance Music Awards Remix of the Year for their version of Green Velvet’s La La Land. They have been signed to EMI/Ministry for an album that they are working on. And they are currently touring on the back of there first 12″ single: ‘Our Break‘. They have also remixed many artists over the last few years with over 25 releases.

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