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Mark Craven

Mark had an early introduction to this DJ lark as his Dad had an golden oldies show on a local Irish radio station, but later took a slightly different musical direction.

While growing up in the Northern Ireland dance scene frequenting nights like Shine, Circus Circus, David Holmes Shake your Brain, Spank, Lush and listening to the likes of Alan Simms, Billy Nasty, Laurent Garnier, Justin Robertson, Dave Clarke and Luke Slater, was completely brain washed with techno and electronic music.

Two years after buying his first set of turntables, Mark picked up his first residency at the age of 17 at the legendary club Space in Belfast and was a resident for Spank alongside childhood heroes Robbie Nelson and Gleave Dobbin.

Since then Mark has taken his blend of techno from his home country, Ireland, to England, Ibiza, Austria, Netherlands and now Australia.

After being chosen by Mixmag to warm up for his techno idol Dave Clarke at the Snowbombing festival in Austria, Mark has since become part of Snowbombings extended family.

He represented them at Rotterdam Street Parade to ½ million strong crowd with the Cuban Brothers and has played at tour dates at the infamous Chibuku Shake Shake in Liverpool and alongside Darren Emerson in Mayrhofen, Austria.

While living in Ibiza, Mark won a knock-out style DJ contest under the moniker Maverick Mitchell with lifelong mate Russ Reid to play the main stage at the MTV festival in a ZOO, alongside 2 Many DJs, Audio Bullies and Plump DJs.

Mark is also a previous IDJ Raw Talent winner and was selected as Top Pick Mix in DJ Mag:

“Mark Craven’s set leads us down a trippy, downright filthy mix of groovy minimal and techno. It is everything a DJ set should be- underground, forward thinking and technically perfect. With hints of Chicago house and Detroit techno, this lad proves he’s a proper talent waiting to be discovered. Life-affirming stuff.”

“16 of the deepest, Rawest, most trippy tech house and techno around. With the work he’s prepared to do behind the scenes and his talent, unsurprisingly he’s already had some success with competitions” (IDJ Mag)

The IDJ judges:

Anne Savage: “This is one of my favourite winners to date-a wicked jackin, bleepathon! Great track selection, too. This one’s definitely going in the CD changer.”

Eddie Haliwell: “This is a great tech-house mix, it’s well mixed and really well structured, with some nice squelchey, bleepy drops. One for the dirtier dancefloors.”

Jon O’Bir: “I’m not usually into mixes like this, but I was taken aback by the filthy beats. I ended up really enjoying it – and it’s well mixed too.”

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